Cold and Slow

I hid out at the junior high all day today. I didn’t have a whole lot going on, and I wasn’t motivated to do too much old stuff either, so I just kept up with what new stuff came in. Dale called for Taco Tuesday, so I met him there along with Gary, Zach, and Brice. I ordered three tacos, but only got and was charged for two, so I made it work. It made me hungry all afternoon though, so I ended up snacking on whatever I could find.

I stopped at Oakland on the way home to do a couple quick things, and then came home to see how the betta was doing. She was just sitting at the bottom of the tank, so I decided to move her out into something of her own just in case it was the other fish bothering her. I got a heater and bubbler going in a hospital tank, but I’m going to leave her in a tiny bowl overnight just to see how she does.

When Summer finally got home, we played someĀ Diablo III on our Switches until bedtime. We made some decent progress and gained access to quite a few more things, so I think we’re gonna have a good time.

1000 corn dogs!

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