Shattered Dreams of Corn Dogs

It was another day hiding away at the junior high. I got a few things done, but the highlight was 50 cent corn dogs at Sonic. Ronda and I went to pick it up. We had like 11 corn dogs, and I got the notion that I needed to get all three of my favorite snacks as well, so I got large orders of onion rings, cheese sticks, and cheddar peppers as well. I did really well until Ronda and Summer both backed out of their third corn dogs, so I skipped mine as well in favor of the sides.

After school, I ran by Walmart to pick up some avocados and an insulated backpack I ordered using Walmart Pickup last week. I “checked in” before I got to the store, as it instructed me to do, and then did my avo shopping before stopping at the pickup area. Then I waited. For twenty Earth minutes. I would have rather walked to the back of the store and gotten it myself, but instead I was stood next to a locked locker that had my UPS-delivered package in it, waiting for a rep to show up. I still don’t even know what took so long, but this whole service is a hard pass for me now.

From there, I ran home to take care of a few things before heading to Summer’s. She had just left the gym, so I offered to pick up corn dogs for the kids. A few minutes after placing my app order and checking in, a girl came out and informed me that they were all out of corn dogs, but offered to give me my drink order and her last singular corn dog for free. It wasn’t quite the 15(!) the kids wanted, but I took what they had. What she said next surprised me more than anything else I’d seen all day. She said she couldn’t refund my order there, and instructed me to open a help ticket through the app and explain there that I was unable to get my order because they had sold out. At least I got my free drink, because otherwise that would have been a horrible review as well.

Failing at Sonic, I called and suggested some Hot-N-Readies. Somehow surprised at the selling out of corn dogs on 50 cent corn dog day, they agreed and I placed another app order and made my way across town. What happened next was my biggest score all day. I pulled into the drive-through with only one car ahead, and was greeted by a friendly employee that literally pulled my pizzas out of the oven and cut them while I waited. Perfect timing. Even better, since they weren’t all stressed from being completely slammed, the pizzas were expertly made and precisely sliced. Best looking and tasting pizzas from Little Caesars ever. And a free 2-liter because coupons. Score.

Finally at Summer’s, I loaded the kids up with food, then had Summer spank them all at Super Mario Party. I’m certain that real family bonds were destroyed. It was a good game night.

The skill games are just there to throw you off the scent that this game is really a STEAMING PILE OF HORSESH–!

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