I know it’s Friday, but it feels like Ciderday!

We didn’t really have much of a meeting this morning. Dale finally convinced Ben to get the trailer roof vent fixed since it’s been completely shattered and leaking water since last year. Jason was incapable of getting it done, and I thought the 25 minutes it took them to completely repair it was going to make Gary’s eyes roll so far into the back of his head that he’d be knocked unconscious. It wasn’t very much longer until Jason couldn’t tell that his own phone was ringing, and then said he didn’t care enough about answering it to remember what his own unique ringtone sounded like.

I spent most of the morning working on the lunch form I started on yesterday, but ended up just editing the live version instead of creating a new one. That got me to lunch, when most of us went to Fat Daddy’s in London. It was raining quite a bit, so I was annoyed at parking in the muddy gravel on top of having to drive to an inferior restaurant in the first place. When we got back to the shop, I headed to Oakland to take care of a few things before catching up at the junior high.

Matt brought apple cider to the lounges, and I guess they had some other snacks in there as well. I actually didn’t get a whole lot done the rest of the afternoon, but I stayed busy with the lunch form I broke. I think I got it working properly before I left though.

Summer went to work out, then out to eat with Autumn while I went home to take care of the fish. I still felt bloated from the rest of the day, so I mostly read up on the Walstad method of planting an aquarium. When they got home, I went up to meet them and played Breath of the Wild while Autumn watched TV and Summer made deviled eggs for quiz bowl tomorrow.

Must resist urge to Google recipes….

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