Service with a Smile

I must have fallen into some kind of customer service vortex today, where everyone was super happy to go above and beyond any expectation.

Last night, I contacted Cinemark with some frustrations I had about how late all the Spider-verse showings were for 3D XD. Out of five XD shows per day, only one was in 3D, and it was held for the very last one of the day at 10:15pm. I was pretty loud about how annoying that was. I wasn’t really looking for a response necessarily, but just wanted to be heard. I got a lengthy email back this morning from the general manager of the theater basically explaining that he wasn’t given a choice, but pulled some strings to get the matinee showings to switch to 3D for the next two days before Aquaman starts. He then offered for “any number” of my family to come to one of these shows for free. I misunderstood and thought he was inviting us to an early showing of Aquaman, but after a couple emails I think we’ve arranged to go see Aquaman on Thursday after the kids get out of school for Christmas break.

Work was even pretty decent, especially for having to hang a touch panel for Allen in London this morning. We managed to get everything we needed on the first trip, which was  big help. The teacher was pretty savvy, so the tutorial was quick and painless. Everything just kind of went perfectly. We had cookies sent to the shop from a vendor, plus cookies that Ben brought in earlier.

Allen, Brice, and I went to Taco John’s for lunch, and everyone there was super excited and friendly, but even slightly more so than usual. The girl that took my order even remembered that I normally bring my own water in and made a comment about it to ask if I wanted to order one instead. The food was great, but gave me a bit of heartburn after all those cookies I had eaten.

I got some more done in the afternoon, but had to leave right at 4:30 to pick Eaddie up from the nail salon because Summer got her appointment started late. Eaddie had to be at karate, so I dropped her off and made my way to my parents’ house for some fish soup for dinner. Afterward I went to Davis Pet Store to see if I could find brine shrimp or daphnia for the betta and some baby crickets for the frogs. One of the boys was there helping and did what he could to help while Mrs. Davis was talking with another customer. Then when she finally came around I bought a potted plant and snail, and she ended up giving me the snail for free! She didn’t have the other stuff I needed though, so I had to go to PetSmart. They were completely out of small crickets though, so I left there empty handed.

Back home, I got to work on a water change and cleaned up the bathroom a bit. The new snail took off across the tank. The betta still seems very lethargic but more violent in her splashing around when bothered. I ended up putting her into some deeper water with a full epsom salts bath. She’s still not interested in eating anything, but hopefully the epsom salts will help with the swelling and get her moving again.

I must be living right!

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