World War Won

I got a fair bit done at work today to close out some new work orders. I need to wrap up some that I’ve had open all year though, so I’m debating working some over break to clean them out.

Allen, Dale, Zach, Brice, and I went to Arby’s for lunch, and then I left work about 40 minutes early so Dad and I could go to Little Rock for dinner and a movie.

Dad picked me up and we went to Copeland’s for dinner. It was slow and the service was pretty lacking, especially considering how few people were in there when we first arrived. It filled up pretty quickly after we got there, but we still just barely got out with enough time to get to the theater. We went to the Cinemark to seeĀ They Shall Not Grow Old, a WWI documentary from Peter Jackson made by using 100-year-old footage that has been super-restored to tell the story of a British soldier in the trenches. It was pretty breathtaking to see it go from the raw original footage to the fully remastered version. It’s amazing how much quality you can still pull from old film that you could never pull from newer digitally-shot movies. I wish there was more about the aviation during the war, but that wasn’t the point of the story and it made sense to focus on the trenches to complete the story. It really was an amazing way to modernize and bring the war back to life and learn about what happened a century ago.

Wait, did we just time travel?

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