Pick Up Sticks

I slept super well last night after such a long day. I could have slept longer, but I knew I had to make myself wake up before noon. I jumped right into anything I came across, bouncing from one project to another. I got the cat box and betta tank cleaned, did a load of laundry, messed with a new file server a bit, and then sunk a bunch of time into deciding on a CO₂ setup for making soda water at home. I expected the equipment to be relatively standardized, and I guess it probably is, but finding components to build a “fill station” seemed needlessly more complicated than just paying $35 for a dual valve fill station on Amazon.

Eventually I got to a stopping point and Summer came over so we could get some food. Nothing sounded particularly good, but I knew I wanted lots of vegetables, so we ended up going to New China. The food seemed better than average for them, and I felt good after eating slightly differently than my usual pattern there. Afterward we went to Walmart and killed a few hours wandering around. I tried looking for any random deals around the store, but the real prize was the tiny Tabasco bottles out of the Freeosk machine. Though we did end up going back in for some more clearanced pumpkin pie apple cider after we tasted it in the car.

When we got back home, Summer pretty well crashed while I did some more laundry and messed with the file server. I’m not having any luck though, so I think this will have to sit until tomorrow.

Out, damned spot!

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