Foreboding New Year

It’s starting to look like this may be kind of a rough year. I started out with another dead fish – this time the black tetra that had bloated up. It was actually still breathing when I went to take a shower, but taking it out of the tank and setting up the quarantine finished it off by the time I was out of the shower.

I got stuck parking a little weird when I got to work, so I managed to clock in just a few seconds late, which was more annoying than anything else. Then I just babysat testing all morning. At least I got a couple arms full of scrap to take out of my office and to the graveyard. It already makes a difference in moving around in there. As lunch neared, Jason asked for suggestions. I mentioned that KFC had been remodeled and he responded with, “what sounds good?” I guess he, Dale, and Brice went to McAlister’s. I just went home for more leftover barbecue.

The afternoon was pretty mellow. I got done with what little bit had come up and then left the same time Summer finished. Autumn had stayed home for some reason and Eaddie didn’t want to go to karate or come with me to eat, so Summer took her home and went to the gym while I went home to start laundry. Summer stopped by for just a minute in the middle of that and mentioned that Grey seemed really thin and not well, so I’ll have to take her to the vet next week sometime.

Once Summer headed home, I got the litter box cleaned and fought some ants in that bathroom. Then I folded laundry and played a few losing games of Overwatch to really seal my exhaustion for a long night’s sleep.

I really hoped after the twelve years since my last one, this would be my year to shine.

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