School Discount

Dale, Zach, and I spent most of the morning helping Brice hang two touch panels at Sequoyah. I assume they weren’t of bad quality. I’m still for saving money. Resist change for change’s sake.

We all went, along with Gary, to Brangus for lunch. It wasn’t bad. I was stuffed halfway through my beef spud even after being hungry all morning. Then I spent most of the afternoon trying to hammer out emails about esports. The lunch meeting has been pushed to Thursday now, and I think we’ll only start out as a local club, and then look to compete next year. Once I got that sorted, I headed to the junior high to help set up for the robotics tournament.

I probably spent more time there than I intended, but I wanted to figure out a good way to stream two computer monitors’ worth of information to a single television screen. Two screens would have been better, but we only had the one VTEL stand on campus, and splitting it between that and a giant projector screen would have looked ridiculous. Gary came by to help and keep me company, which was much appreciated. We both got to laugh about Brad’s concern with my overtime hourly rate with the district, because he certainly wouldn’t have preferred a $100/hr “private contractor” rate. In any case, we got things sorted well enough and headed out in the cold.

Back home, I spent some time winding down with the cats and then called it a night. Tomorrow should be easier and less work than I expected, so I’m shooting more for having fun than anything else.

Layer 7 Networking Dip!

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