Quite Quiet

I did my best not to sleep too late today. We got up and ate a few leftovers, then I tried to make some soda water and realized my tank had completely leaked out. I tried filling it and found it was leaking pretty badly, so I had the bright idea to stick it in my aquarium to help the plants. It was bubbling pretty quickly, so I thought not much of the CO2 would actually diffuse into the water. It’s a good thing I checked after just a couple minutes, because the fish had started freaking out and swimming right around the surface to breathe. I pulled the tank out and just stuck it upside down next to the air pump, hoping that a little bit might find its way to the tank.

Summer headed home to clean up, so I cleaned up a bit myself before playing some Overwatch with Clint. I wanted my Lunar New Year loot boxes for arcade mode, and we really had to work for it. We won our first few games, but then had a horrible losing streak after taking a break for a bit. I don’t know why that always seems to happen.

When Summer finally came back around, we ran to Zaxby’s to split something for dinner and watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica before being denied progress due to a corrupt episode file. I started the long process of rechecking the file, and I perused YouTube for the last little bit until bed.

As far as short weekends go, this was a pretty good one.

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