Of My Own Making

Four days in, I was pretty tired of sitting in the office at Oakland. It only made it worse to get an email about stale tickets from the junior high. I had such a bad attitude about it that I brought my Switch to kill some time. Sheri grumbled at me a bit, but then left me to it. I ended up putting it down to help someone cut out some laminated note cards. I really peaked then.

Travis emailed me from the paper. I kind of figured it would happen, and had been trying to think of a way to bring it up first. I guess it’s just as well that it’s done now. My stomach was in too many knots to respond today since my anxiety went through the roof. I nearly shut down completely for a while, but forced myself out to lunch with Allen and Brice.

I continued sitting around after lunch until I could leave and go to the junior high. I tried to catch up on work orders there before heading home for the evening. I did a small water change in the aquariums because for some reason the heater was warming everything up to around 90 degrees. Then the best I could do was crack a couple beers and start exploring in Breath of the Wild with Grey by my side. I did manage to kill a giant. I still felt guilty though, because he was just sleeping in the shade. He only came after me because I woke him up when I got too close.

Bury it under the chicken.

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