Time to Waste

Somehow I managed to stay pretty busy today while Oakland was testing. Bryan emailed me earlier this morning before I even had my shower, and then called me while I was sitting in the office. He was having trouble signing into his school email on his Samsung email app, and I guess he didn’t feel like asking Amanda. When I failed to resolve it over the phone, he called Gary who came up with another working solution. Then I spent a good portion of the morning messing around with a stack of atomic wall clocks that I was told didn’t work. As far as I could tell, they all kept time. It’s possible they just weren’t syncing with the WWVB time signal but would keep time if manually set. In any case, I made a wall of them by the window and got jokes or comments about it from every soul that made it through the office today.

I met Dale, Allen, and Brice for lunch at Subway. I had a BOGO code that I used to order online, which saved me the headache I saw everyone else go through while in line. Having two 6-inch subs also meant I got to choose two different types, so I ate the tuna there and took the BMT home for later. It ought to warm up nicely in the oven.

After lunch, I spent a little bit of time at the shop before heading back to Oakland. I brought entertainment, but I didn’t even get to break it out, much to my own surprise. When they finally finished testing, I headed to the junior high to take care of some older work orders.

When I got home from work, I cleaned up a bit at home and got Grey to eat a little bit of a new can of food. I guess she just doesn’t like leftovers. Then I ran by Walmart to pick up some lettuce for dinner. Summer grilled burgers and baked some sweet potato fries that all turned out really well. Then I pushed her to make her own photo book before we all headed to bed.

I’ve got toooo much time on my hands!

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