Gordita My Dreams

I woke up early several times as the morning light poured in through the windows, and eventually hopped out of bed and ran home to get ready for lunch with Brandie. She had to push it back an hour due to some stuff at work, but that just gave me a little more time to relax at the house. We met at Stoby’s, where I tried the Philly cheesesteak. Nothing else really jumped out at me, and the sandwich seemed messier than it should have been, but it did the job. We chatted for a while, mostly about her work and how things have changed over the years.

After lunch, I went back up to Summer’s and killed some time while she and Autumn went to the doctor. I ended up watching the Netflix special about a guy that memorized the prizes from The Price is Right while Eaddie hid in her room. Once that was over, we went to my parents’ house and met up with the others to uncover the pool. It went pretty smoothly aside from having to teach adolescents how to use brooms. It’s reached a point where I feel like the sucker because I do the work when they pretend to be terrible at everything.

Their father decided to take them for the night, so I volunteered to drive them all the way to Clarksville so Summer and I could visit the taco truck. Nick pointed us toward a different place called Rico’s Tacos that he claimed was better. Though it was delicious, I’m not convinced it was superior. Blue taco truck still has my heart. They did have gorditas though, which are probably my favorite dish, possibly because of how hard it is to find a place that makes them.

On the way home, we stopped at Walmart to scout for deals. I picked up a few super cheap things, most of which I had no real use for, but the savings were just too legit to quit.

Back home, I wanted to get some housework done but failed again. Being in the sun and the heat today really made me sleepy.

If only running out of time counted toward my daily step count.

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