The Rhoids Are Back in Town

We were supposed to get today in our buildings, but Jason called us to the shop instead. He had me take a person to Oakland to do Brice’s work orders all morning, which really wasn’t that bad but I resented anyway. Amanda volunteered and we just cleaned up what we could in the time we had. I wish I had gotten to spend more time with the people I’ll miss, but a lot of it ended up being new teachers that I’ve never met before and won’t be supporting for the foreseeable future.

I dropped Amanda off at the shop for lunch, and Allen invited me to meet him at KFC. Surprisingly I wasn’t really that hungry, but I went anyway. I wish I had the self control at the time to just order something small instead of getting the buffet as usual. I guess I need to do the survey on my receipt for the freebie for next time. That’ll be a whole lot less guilt.

After lunch I finally got to spend some time at the high school, but the first little bit of that was setting up new keypads for the cafeteria. I got them hooked up but couldn’t set them up because nobody was around that could identify line numbers for me. A problem for another day, I suppose. After that I started digging into my work orders, but they kept coming in faster than I could close them. It’s such a big campus too, so I feel like I’m always running so far out only to have to come back for something else. I foresee a hoverboard in my future. I ended up staying super late trying to fix a couple persistently annoying things, but it didn’t help. I’ll still be at it all day tomorrow.

When I finally got home, I had to clean all of the aquariums. When I took the water out to the garden, I saw that Bác Vân had trimmed over the mint I planted in the garden, which made me sad. Hopefully the rhizome is still in good shape so it can come back next year. I got the water changes done but still didn’t get everything else done around the house that I needed to. Focus probably isn’t so much the problem right now as prioritization. Memory seems bad too. Could probably use a reboot.

Weave my allegorical elegy.

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