Meet the Nerites

It was so hard to get out of the perfectly snuggly bed this morning after staying up too late. We had to get to the lobby for breakfast though, and I was excited for an omelette from the chef. I was disappointed to learn that he wasn’t there, and I’m guessing they only bring him out for conferences. The rest of the food was okay, but not great. The biscuits were a surprising win.

We went back to the room to get ready for the trip back home, and finally left right around noon. I tried calling a couple local pet stores, but everyone was closed for the holiday. Without any other plans, we headed straight home. I dropped Summer off with the kids and then headed to PetSmart to look for some snails for the Imagitarium. They actually had some ghost shrimp in stock too, and one was berried, so I picked up a couple of them to mix up the gene pool. They had one black racer nerite and a tiny horned nerite that looked fun, so I got those for the algae and headed home.

I wanted to take a nap, but spent most of the afternoon with the aquariums instead. I got some laundry going and headed to my parents’ house for some eggplant soup, then came back home to finish up laundry and headed to bed really early.

That is a horny gastropod mollusc.

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