Babysitting the Runaways

Summer started her leadership retreat today, so I was left to mind the girls as they did their Sunday chores. I figured I’d let them sleep in a while first, so I had some cereal and hot tea, and played some Oxygen Not Included. When they finally did come out of their rooms, Autumn informed me that their father was coming to pick them up. There was an effort to maintain control. Eaddie at least got up and started cleaning the kitchen. I think Autumn cleaned her room, since she shut herself up in it until their father showed up.

I left right after they did, and went home to take care of my own neglected chores. I did a bunch of laundry and some vacuuming between peeping in on my little shrimplets. Finally something I could actually be proud of. They’ll never leave me.

Dinnertime eventually rolled around and I went to visit Mom. She was worried about Dad’s contraption to feed the semi-stray cats, because it had dumped food everywhere. I scooped up what I could and went inside to have a pork chop. Then I sat with her until Eaddie texted me wanting to know when I was coming back. They never said a single word to me all day, so I assumed they were still gone, but Autumn later told me they had been back for most of the evening.

With the girls off to bed for school tomorrow, I slid into a hot bath and studied some plans forĀ Oxygen Not Included before eventually making it to bed myself.

There’s no time for better precedents.

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