Has the Moon Lost Her Memory

I nearly had to amputate my hands from the cold ride in today because I was too stupid to wear my gloves. Otherwise it was a beautiful day to ride. I started at the shop and had Gary help me look at the deployment I was struggling to fix. Then Ben came around and helped prod me through a printer setup because I was tired of all the little one-off solutions left by my predecessors. I went to the high school for a bit, then came back to meet up with Allen, Gary, and Zach at Taco John’s for lunch. That place was super quiet for a lunch hour, but I don’t know what I expected on a day other than Taco Tuesday.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly as I ran around the building closing work orders. I got a call from someone at corporate Walmart letting me know to expect a call from the local store to set up an exchange of our bad ONN television, which was far more than I expected. I’ll have to meet with a manager there tomorrow, and they seem keen to do anything to make it right. I didn’t even intend to ruffle any feathers, but it’s nice they’re going out of their way.

I ran to Sonic for some quick dinner, then to Summer’s shop to share some cheese sticks before getting ready for Melodie’s celebration of life up on Crow Mountain. Charlie was there, and the only one I knew outside of the family. Of course Brandie and Candace were there and came around to visit. It really was a perfect night to gather and remember, though for a moment on the drive I thought for sure I was being hoodwinked for my kidneys as I drove on into the pitch blackness. Ana was running around playing with the other kids, but stopped by to sass me for a bit too. I spent a good amount of time chatting up Seth just to try and lay some groundwork since I’d never met him before.

After we shut that place down, I headed to Summer’s to get her TV so I could run it straight to Walmart after work. I tried to swing by and catch Zach, the manager, tonight so I wouldn’t have to risk the rain tomorrow, but that was a bust. Finally I headed home to bed.

Burnt out ends of smoky days…

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