-7 to Efficiency

Today was a bit drizzly, but it was still warm enough that it wasn’t miserable. It felt more like spring than anything else. I spent all morning and most of the afternoon trying to learn some PowerShell so I could fix the same deployment I’ve been working on all week. I took a break to eat my Thanksgiving lunch in my office, which was super delicious, if not a little shy with the cranberries. Then after school let out, I gave up and went to the junior high to hand-load the testing software for Heather.

When we finally left, I went straight to Walmart to exchange Summer’s defective TV. Everyone I dealt with was excellent, and they had a newer version of the same ONN 50″ 4k TV, so the swap was pretty straightforward. A guy named Dustin insisted on walking me out with the new one, and I guess he’s going to school for some flavor of IT because that’s what we chatted about the whole way.

I went home for a little while and waited for Eaddie to get out of karate, then picked her up and headed to Summer’s for a little dinner. I caught up on the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling, which seemed more awkward than previous product launches from Elon. Then it was off to sleep for the last day before break.

Sometimes you’ve just got to sink a couple days into something to save yourself an hour of time.

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