Making Light of the Situation

I tried to sleep in, but kept being disturbed by a noisy group chat to the point that I couldn’t go back to sleep. Instead, I got around and had some breakfast and cleaned up a little bit. Summer wanted me to bring her headlight bulb to the shop so Alex could try to install it again, so I took the Grom and tried to help. He was still finishing up with lunch, so I went to get Summer a Whopper before coming back to look at it. He got the headlight assembly out without too much trouble, but I had to run to the high school to get my little soldering iron because he couldn’t find his. Ultimately we did get it working, and hopefully it’s secure and light enough inside the housing that it won’t go anywhere.

On the way back home, I stopped by Walgreens and had to wait a bit to pick up my prescription. They have a standing area slightly away from the counter for privacy, but she might as well have used the PA system for my pharmacist consultation. I’ve not been particularly shy about having them, but standing there while a stranger tells me to apply a cream to my rectum for hemorrhoids did make me feel a little silly.

Finally home, I milled around the house and picked up randomly, stopping at some point to take a shower and play someĀ Oxygen Not Included. I got tired pretty quickly and eventually hit a wall and passed out relatively early.

Gotta publish.

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