We got up this morning and had some leftover barbecue for brunch, and then Summer left for the gym. We wanted to head to Little Rock early so we could make a day of it, but I ended up feeling a little crummy and we only really had time to stop at Sam’s in Conway. We wandered around there until a good departure time to arrive at the Splash Thanksgiving shindig close to six o’clock. Ben, Sarah, and the kids were all in the kitchen of their new historical house-office finishing up dinner, so we got a tour of the rest of the place. Having an office there seemed unnecessarily expensive, but maybe it’s not as bad as I suspected. Nobody asked my opinion.

Overall it was a good time, and we both got some practice talking to new people. I was really glad I decided to dress way up, even though Summer said not to worry about it. There were people wearing jeans to be sure, but otherwise it was a pretty clean-cut crew, and slacking on formality wouldn’t have done us any favors. We mingled for just a little after dinner, then headed home so Summer could go to sleep for work in the morning. Then I stayed up for the next six hours self-learning optometry so I could purchase cheap eyeglasses with greater confidence, because that’s the kind of shit I do for fun apparently.

F = Fcyl*(SIN(Î))2 where Fcyl is the cylinder power and Î is the angle between the cylinder axis and the new meridian.

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