Soylent Hill

I slept pretty well last night and successfully made it back to work. It was a slow day, and I spent most of the morning at the shop just watching things slowly roll in. Eventually I made it to the high school to look at the sign again, and managed to get it working. I didn’t want to drive around, park, and walk all the way in just to turn around and head back to the shop a few minutes later, so I left and chatted at the office some more.

Ben was surprisingly the only one that wanted to go out for lunch after Zach bailed on me for some other plans. I gave him a few options, and he picked Linh where we had the combination lunch special. We actually made it back in the hour, and then I went straight to the high school to finish the day. I got a rash of emails for reassigned work orders, and it all ended up being from Amber, evidently sick of looking at the 1:1 devices in her queue. I got a little mad, especially with the way she told me it was time to “start adulting.” I stewed on it a bit as I toyed with Web Help Desk, but saved that conversation for later.

Suzanne texted that she was starting school next week, so she decided to come by while I did some chores at the house. She watched shrimp and played with the cat while I did laundry and dishes. As she got hungry and pondered dinner, I got to a stopping point and we decided to go to Linh for dinner. As we drove up, she remembered they were closing soon and didn’t want to rush out, so we ended up at Bocadillos for some tacos. She had never eaten there before, so she tried an assortment of tacos while I tried the torta. It was pretty good, but overall a pass for the future because it was nothing compared to the Cubana from La Plaza.

We finished up with some ice cream and a mangonada, and headed back to my house so she could go home. I folded my dried laundry and headed up to Summer’s for the evening where we watched another episode of Glee. As she went to bed, I stayed up and stockpiled enough Soylent while it was on sale to last us through the year.

Now remember – if the balloon pops, the noise makes the angels cry.

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