Folly Friday

Today was a lot of work disguised as fun. Jason had a project with Allen, and Ben had me catch up on work orders at Oakland. I hadn’t been able to visit in a while, so it was great getting to see everyone again. I don’t ever get that kind of love from any other campus. We caught up just a little bit in the office before I wandered the building taking care of business. Then I made a stop in the cafeteria before heading out.

Ben and Heather were running a fax line at the junior high, so I joined up with them. We got really close to our destination when we ran out of cable because nobody checked what direction the length markers were counting. Heather had to run and grab a box of another color, and we used the first line as a pull, then continued on to the finish line. I’ve made it a little bit of a game to be extra-ridiculous around James, and it helped to keep things light for me. We worked right into lunch, and Ben left to eat with one of his kids.

Heather had other errands too, but Allen called to let me know he and Gary were going to Wendy’s, so I caught up with them. Gary fussed over the girl spelling his name with two Rs, but then I beat him by placing a mobile order for a salad with added onions, and the girl asked if I wanted them on my salad. I confirmed that I would not be eating the onions by themselves, but she still gave me my order with a cup of onions on the side. I’d never seen the girl before, so maybe she was just nervous and new, but that still felt obvious.

After lunch, I ran by the high school to grab a charger before meeting up with Ben at the middle school. He wanted to take a truckload of discarded electronics from the technology office there. It took us a couple trips, but we somehow managed to load it all into his truck. Then I loaded us up with popcorn and we headed back to the shop. Jason was out for the afternoon, so everyone that was left took it pretty easy in the shop. I like it when Ben works back there with us, because he’s helpful and fun with random chatter while we’re doing other things. It just always feels more like a team effort, even if we’re all working on completely different things.

When I got home, I put my car back on the charger and cleaned it up a bit for the trip to Conway tomorrow. Summer has a run early in the morning, so I actually have to get up an hour earlier than I do for work just to get us all down there in time.

Let’s be honest. I’ve already done as much work as I’m going to do this week.

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