Today was super cold, and there was just enough moisture right over us that we got our first little dusting of snow. It wasn’t even really a dusting so much as a sprinkle, but it was snow nonetheless. I spent all morning at the shop fighting with the same desktop from yesterday, and got a couple responses from 2TAC. They finally agreed to take it back under warranty, though they still felt like it was an imaging issue and not necessarily hardware. Zach, Sara, Gary, and I went to Western Sizzlin for lunch in the freezy air, and then I went to the high school in the afternoon where I fought with the laptops again.

I thought we were going to Zaxby’s for Quiz Bowl trivia night, but Summer had a meeting at the high school and then just went to get the kids afterward. I stayed in and got cold enough to turn on my radiator again, but didn’t do much else. Some of the guys got on and played¬†Call of Duty while I lurked. Eventually Clint got on for some¬†Overwatch before bed.

I just don’t get it, I bought this treadmill two years ago and I still haven’t lost any weight at all.

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