Turn it Off and On Again

I got to work a little early this morning, but as soon as I sat down at my desk I started in on an ocular migraine that kind of set the mood for the whole day. I didn’t feel bad really, but just kind of offbeat all day. I spent all morning working on laptops and stacking up a pile of them ready to go off to the depot service center. I don’t really want to send more than about five off at a time just for my own sanity, but the service hasn’t been particularly fast so I may have to just do them all at once. I had to stop a couple times for a rescheduled fire alarm, which also kind of threw me off for the day.

Allen was out today and I never hear from anyone else about lunch, so I just stayed in. I snacked on things in my office and just continued to work into the afternoon. Ben stopped by for an unexpected visit, and we went down to the arena to try and figure out their CCTV system. We didn’t have a good monitor with a cable tuner, but fortunately I had an old, small, flat panel TV that was scrapped for not having a backlight. It would work well enough, so we dragged it across campus with us. After climbing all around the arena more than a couple times, the fix ended up being a reboot of the computer that was already successfully transmitting data to the jumbotron.

With that fixed, we went down to the athletics office to try and track down a license for their badge making software. When it was all said and done, all she really needed was the ability to print using Publisher, so I plugged the badge printer up like a regular printer and created a Publisher template for the badge size. I had a little fun making some test badges, and then headed back up to my office to wrap up for the day.

It got super cold really fast when the sun went down. I eventually left to get gas and head up to Summer’s, but with as cold as it was going to be, I decided to head back home instead. I didn’t want to wake up extra early and sit in the cold car long enough to warm it up just to get home again. While I was getting gas, some lady pulled up a couple pumps down and asked another guy to help. She said it was a rental and that she had never gotten gas before, and I wondered how she had gone that far in life without ever pumping gas. On the way home, I stopped by McDonald’s for a Big Mac, then ended the evening with someĀ Overwatch by myself.

And now for a lesson in m-m-m-m-m-oney management.

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