Use It or Lose It

Daylight saving time got me last night. I got to bed super late, lost another hour, and then tried not to sleep too late and ruin my chances of getting to sleep tonight before work again in the morning. I wasn’t having much luck getting motivated though, so I spent most of the morning playing Overwatch by myself, slowly ranking up in competitive. I did eventually get around to finishing up my laundry though, which had been nagging at me for quite a while.

I picked at the leftover barbecue all day, and got around to a shower before heading up to Summer’s for the evening. I hadn’t seen her all weekend because we both had so much else going on and I just crashed at home after the long day yesterday. She and Autumn were finishing up Looney Tunes: Back in Action when I got there, and then Eaddie wanted to watch an episode of Glee as soon as that was over.

Summer caught me up on her weekend once the girls went to bed, and then it was lights out.

The Nighttime Sniffling Sneezing Coughing Aching Stuffy Head Fever So You Can Rest Medicine

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