Tacos de Otoño

I got up this morning to another dip in the stock market that triggered a limit buy I had been waiting on. I lost a couple bucks right off the bat because it just kept dropping, but it was still relatively small change and the market will either correct itself, or we’ll be propelled into another great depression.

Autumn was up and around while Eaddie was still in bed as usual. I had some leftover eggs for breakfast while I got to work, and then eventually got the girls up to start chores and homework. I had to do a bit of hand-holding for someone else working from home, but after a couple hours I think we got her going.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly, and I eventually ran home to clean up there. On the way back, I stopped in to Walmart for a few things so Autumn could make dinner. She wanted to grill some strip steaks for street tacos, so I got some limes and veggies. I didn’t see any masks on at the store, but it was still pretty quiet with just a few people scattered around. It felt a little like a smaller population coming out of hiding after an apocalyptic event, and it was quiet and peaceful. Why move to a smaller town when the virus could bring the smaller town to you?

The tacos turned out great, and it was a decent learning experience for Autumn as long as she’ll keep it up and not just change interests again when this one gets more difficult. She only almost set the house on fire once, and nobody lost any fingers. My refried beans were a big hit after blending them with the immersion blender and adding some more water.

After dinner, Summer and Autumn cuddled up in bed to watch a movie, so Eaddie and I finished up the first season of Luke Cage over some ice cream. Next up is Iron Fist, and I’m feeling like this is going to go downhill a bit more before it gets better.

You’d think Alto would be better than he is. It’s his game, after all.

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