Predatory Loan Officer, Tom Nook

I got up kind of early this morning and went to check on the bunny. It seemed slightly better, but still wasn’t at 100%. I just let it burrow into my arm while I played Animal Crossing. I bought a ton of turnips and found someone on Reddit that had time traveled so I could turn right around and sell them. Traveling to their island didn’t go as smoothly as my previous visits to other islands, but I managed to sell enough to pay off my final loan in the game.

Summer got up and made some pasta with rib meat that everyone really loved. Then everyone had to jump to cleaning house before the girls had friends over for the night. Eaddie and Noah mowed, and Eaddie plowed right over the flower I planted next to the stairs in the front yard.

I went home for a while to clean up and decompress. Overwatch was holding their anniversary event, so I spent most of my time trying to earn as many loot boxes as I could before heading back up to Summer’s for the evening.

Summer picked Noah up from work and got back shortly after I got there. The girls and their friends were all inside playing. Noah and I warmed up some chicken Alfredo that Summer made for dinner. Then I spent some time with the bunny because it looked like it was on the edge of death. It seemed super dehydrated and skinny, so I kept trying to force it some water and milk. Eventually it did pep back up a bit, but I don’t know why it seemed so much worse seemingly within just a few hours.

Eventually everyone found their way to bed for a pretty late evening.


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