Juicy Fruit

We tried to sleep in a bit today, but the sun got me up early. I went outside to bang on my new cabinet to try and get the door straight enough to close properly. As I was finishing up, Summer left with Autumn so they could start their day.

I bounced around the house for a little while until I settled on the computer to troubleshoot my Plex subtitle problem. I never could get it to behave properly. Zach came by at some point and worked on the Fiero for a bit. I eventually took a shower and headed up to Summer’s house.

Autumn went to spend some time with her father, so Summer and I just picked at some leftovers for dinner and then sorted out what we needed for Eaddie’s little birthday gathering tomorrow. Then we went to Walmart and picked up everything for chicken tacos. When we got back to the house, Summer started prepping some sauces and sides, and I started some refried beans in the Instant Pot.

When we both got to a stopping point, we watched some Master of None. As soon as the beans finished cooking, I scooped them out of the water and blended them. That really made all the difference both in taste and volume, and Summer liked them so much she wanted a bowl to eat right away.

By the time everything was finished, there wasn’t much point in going back to my house just to sleep, so we ended the evening with another episode before bed.

Yabba dabba doo it!

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