On the Subject of Taking on Large Projects by Yourself

Autumn didn’t want to go to work with me today, but said she would help after lunch if I came to get her. I had all morning to myself to do some more device shuffling, and start getting together claim information for the devices I couldn’t fix in-house.

Just before lunch time, Autumn texted me and said she just wanted to stay home all day, so I wouldn’t have her in the afternoon either. Zach let me know when my 120 teacher laptops arrived, and they already had them loaded into the Gardner kitchen by the time I got there. Everyone else was busy, and also using the trucks and trailer, so I just loaded 30 laptops into my trunk and delivered them to the high school myself.

Ben showed up just as I was getting a cart to retrieve them from my car, so he helped me unload. Then we chatted with Karen for a tiny bit before I went in to try imaging one of the new devices. It was then that I realized I would have to do a bit more work on my task sequence to make it work with the teacher laptops. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get that working, but it won’t be until tomorrow that I have a flash drive ready to test again.

I went home to change after work, then went to meet Beth and Mark at their shop to do some technology consulting. He was finishing up with a customer, so I had to wait a bit, and then things went very differently than I expected. He sat down and started chatting about school district stuff with me, and I just started vomiting grievances. I figure this will end one of two ways. I’ll either be let go for not drinking the Kool-Aid, or be inducted into some dark society whose sole mission is to root out the corruption in our local government. Either way it should be a lot of fun.

Moving on from that, we chatted at length about choices in email hosting for a business domain, and I was left mostly confused about why any of this was happening. He seemed anxious to pay me though, if I only had the mental capacity to conjure up some fair billing practice.

By the time I got up to Summer’s, the girls had already eaten the homemade Hamburger Helper that Autumn made for dinner. I warmed up some for myself, and then watched the last episode of The Punisher with Eaddie. The evening went by frustratingly quickly, and all I have to look forward to is more laptops in the morning.

Don’t go and try making sense of it. You’ll go positively mad.

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