I Can’t Believe, Today Was a Good Day

Zach wanted everyone to come to the shop at 8 this morning, and Autumn and I pulled up just in time to see the recyclers picking up junk from the graveyard. I guess they did have a little meeting inside, but Ben was outside helping clear out the warehouse. Everyone split pretty quick, so Autumn and I just headed on to the high school for the day.

I didn’t really get very far with my task sequence in the morning, but I did discover a way to create batches of warranty claims using a CSV template. That turned a 14+ hour job into just a few minutes after the couple hours figuring out the poorly documented process.

We went to Burger King and got a huge family pack so we could take Summer some food. She had already bought food for the shop, but ate a bit with us anyway.

The afternoon was ripe with success. Autumn verified the warranty status on a ton of serial numbers for me, then unboxed almost all of the teacher devices. I got the self maintainer claims filed for replacement parts, and found the rogue opening bracket that was breaking my task sequence all along. I ended the day duplicating flash drives for a quick jump into imaging next week.

When we got home, I checked out the first day’s worth of siding work on the house. The soffit was done almost all the way around the house, and they were bringing it horizontally from the edge of the roof to the house instead of sloping upward with an overhang. It made me a little worried about having space for creatures to crawl into, but I guess once it’s sealed off it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Autumn and I waited there until Summer got off work, then we met her at Shell to use my 30ยข per gallon discount. She took Autumn from there, but we both just headed straight to their house for the evening. Autumn and I picked at leftovers, Summer and Eaddie mowed the back yard, and then we put on Who Framed Roger Rabbit because Autumn had never seen it before. Everyone was pretty tired, so it was a relatively early night.

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