Bulk Deliveries

Autumn came to work with me this morning and started imaging the teacher devices. She kept running into problems with some of them, and I probably remade about half of the flash drives over the course of the day. I couldn’t tell if it was an issue with the drives, the laptops, drivers, or something else entirely. I ultimately sent a request for a couple more brands of flash drives to try, and hopefully one of them is the key to our 1,250 laptop imaging nightmare week.

In the middle of all the imaging, Todd came by my office to let me know that I had received a whole ton of empty-feeling boxes from FedEx. It was, in fact, a whole bunch of small parts, and another bunch of depot kits for warranty service.

We ran by Arby’s for a late lunch and brought it back to the shop. Then Ben came by for a conference call with Impero to get our server set up. We had trouble from the very start just receiving the phone call. Then we had trouble with the remote desktop session. Just as we got things rolling, we realized our server didn’t have the required .NET framework installed, so I had to take a moment to get that done even after we received a list of minimum requirements last week. Overall I just felt a little silly for having to schedule a second call the next day since we ran out of time.

After work, I dropped Autumn off at my house and went to visit with Mark again about his potential switch to G Suite. That was where I discovered an apparent loophole in Google cloud storage. Evidently there’s not really a storage limit for Shared Drives, so people with G Suite accounts are selling invites to Shared Drives, and then removing themselves as members so the buyer can be the sole manager of the drive with near-unlimited storage.

Once we settled on the jump to G Suite, I headed home to wait for Summer to get off work. Then the three of us went up to their house for dinner and so they could get cleaned up for the evening. I went outside to clean up around the little pecan trees I planted, and realized one of her trees out back is a persimmon tree. It had been dropping small, hard fruit that I had never noticed before.

When we got back to my house, the girls watched TV while I filled up my old 35-gallon tank as a dumping ground for excess aquarium plants. Afterward I discovered a farm of gnats in the cat box and cleaned that out as well. The cat ate most of my avocado leaves again, and I’m about ready to murder him. I’ll save that for another day.

Maybe it’s time to think about a Galloping Company again.

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