I got up this morning and toasted myself a donut, which is my new favorite way to eat donuts. Noah called me and needed a ride to work, so I went home to clean up, then dropped him off. While I was there, I stopped in to see Summer during her customer appreciation day event, and had her sign Autumn’s work permit request form. I didn’t stay long though, because they were super busy and everyone who was anyone was there.

I took the form to the shop and chatted with Ben for just a little bit before they ended their half day of work. Then I got the Ridgewood gang some Sonic drinks to kill some time before Dependable came out to look at my air conditioner at home. Richard called me just as I got back with the drinks, so I had to head home and meet him.

At first he kept talking at me like I was stupid for having my air conditioner turn off while I’m not at home. He insisted that a properly sized unit would only just keep the home at a set temperature, and not be able to cool it very fast if I let it get hot every day. I never had any trouble cooling the house with my old unit of the same size, but that never seems to phase his opinion. By the end of the visit though, he discovered it was about three pounds low on refrigerant, which was a little over a third its total capacity. It still took a couple hours to really cool down, but it definitely made a noticeable difference.

I played a little Overwatch and made some calls to pay some old medical bills, and eventually I made it over to Mark’s shop to finish up some work for him. We got to chatting a bit, and it seems like he really does just enjoy being a mover and shaker. I’m hoping that’s a good thing, but I should probably still learn a bit of self control when I get to rambling.

It was pretty late when I left there, but I had to pick Eaddie up before I could head up to their house. Summer was already catatonic on the couch, and Autumn went to bed shortly after we got home. I tried to clean up a bunch of leftovers, and then settled down at the computer a bit. Eaddie came out and caught up with me for a little while, and then it was off to bed.

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