Shipping and Receiving

Autumn stayed at my house today, but was probably well enough to come work. It was just as well though, because I spent a good portion of the day running all around the place.

Zach, Gary, Allen, Ben, and I all went to Sam’s for lunch, which was just great. It’s a bit expensive, but that’s to be expected. I’ll have to try one of the po’ boys next time, instead of always getting the 3-piece of everything combo.

After lunch, I went by the shop for a little bit, chatted with Ben some more, and then went back to the high school to finish up. All of the old lease stuff is boxed up and ready to ship, but I’ll have to take a sampling of it to the UPS Store to get a quote for shipping. I’ve been getting a ton of parts in lately too, which I’m just stacking up for later. I have a feeling we won’t even use most of it, but it’ll be nice to have just in case. I sort of feel bad for knowing I can get bulk orders of that stuff instead of filing individual claims the way Dale had done for all those years.

When I got home from work, Autumn was in the floor still trying to see how many screens she could get between her face and the wall. I let her continue on watching TV while I went to unwind in some Overwatch. Summer eventually got out of work and headed home, so Autumn and I headed up for the evening.

What if no lives matter?

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