Tag and Bag

Karen came and worked in my office today to get all the teacher laptops tagged with barcodes. I pushed around a few more chargers, boxed up some more old laptops, and played the shell game in my head all day long. I felt more scattered than usual, and I felt like it was because I was just tired from all the work lately.

Lessons for the day were pretty good, though. Stale donuts in the toaster oven make for caramelized deliciousness. Always discuss your value up front. It doesn’t matter how loud your speakers are, because Karen is louder.

I worked through lunch but still left just a little bit late. When I got home, Dad was there checking out the siding job on the house. It looks awesome. I had no idea they were doing doorframes, otherwise I would have discussed relocating my doorbell before they cut a hole in the siding where the button currently exists.

I was just in and then back out because I had to do some more work with pain-in-the-ass Outlook email files for Mark. It’s funny, because we discussed his aggravation with people in government (and elsewhere) doing things the old way just because that’s how they’ve always been done. I’ll say it any day of the week. POP and IMAP mail are dinosaurs that need to go away forever for most people. Unless you’re so serious about privacy and security that you’re running your own mail server, just be done with that garbage and quit carrying around your old 30 gigabyte archive of email from 20 years ago. There are more than enough companies that will do that shit for you.

Once I stalled out there waiting for more mail imports to finish, I headed to the shop to get some paperwork. Unfortunately I didn’t have my badge, and the app didn’t work, so I couldn’t get in. Ironically, the door was actually left ajar, but I accidentally shut it all the way when I felt for a draft coming out through the crack.

From there, I ran home to troubleshoot why my doorbell and other connected devices weren’t talking. I think the siding folks had Suddenlink come out and recable some things where the line came into the house from the pole, and my modem and/or router just couldn’t recover from it for some reason. I had to reboot both to get it going again, but at least it came back up.

From there, I went to Summer’s for the evening and had some leftovers for dinner. That’s when the girls decided we had to come back to my house for Autumn’s meds, so we just stayed at my house for the night. I went up the ladder to change the bulb in my outside driveway light, and discovered it was only not working because the bulb was loose. I guess that’s my win for the day.

Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

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