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Summer took Noah to school this morning before I got out of the house. I had to struggle with the cat some more to get his medicine down, but we’ve only got one more day of that. Then it’s down to just the antidepressants.

My day at work was a little scattered, a little frustrating, and a little successful. I had more work to do in SCCM, but had to take a break to run down to the arena for a couple things. One of those things was to re-record their phone IVR message. Johnny was great at recording it, and the playback sounded fine, but when I got all the way back to my office, I realized it had reverted back to the old message. I did this a couple more times until we realized it was the WAV file that it wouldn’t, or couldn’t overwrite. I had done it before, but Ben had run into the issue before and just incremented the file name. Josh joked(?) that our solution was likely documented somewhere in the official Avaya manual.

I ended up working through lunch, and then stayed late, so after work I went straight to my parents’ for some leftover spaghetti. Summer had a late work meeting and then a softball game in Conway, so I went by the shop to see her for a little bit first. Then it was home for the evening. I even had a little success getting the cat to nibble on some kibble.

We just need enough to make a poopie that won’t sink into the carpet.

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