I went to sleep super late last night after staying up with the cat to let him eat as much as he was willing. My alarm was set for just about six hours later, and I climbed out of bed to get ready for our day date in Little Rock.

Before I could get through my morning cleanup routine, Mark wanted to have a remote session to answer a few questions. What I thought was going to be a 15 minute call turned into just over an hour. I was worried we weren’t going to have time to get lunch before the matinee, but it actually worked out perfectly.

I picked Summer up and we went to Yesterday’s in Morrilton for lunch. I figured it was pretty good food from somewhere we never go, and it would put us outside of Little Rock far enough that we’d be hungry for some popcorn in the theater. My catfish and Summer’s salmon were both pretty great, and she recognized our server as a student from the junior high, which was novel enough.

We got to the Pramenade with just enough time to drive the strip, park, and enjoy just a couple minutes of blue skies before going into the nearly empty IMAX. I need to remember the seating layout better, because the online seating chart didn’t make it clear to me where my favorite seats were. Since the place was basically a ghost town, we hopped on down to our usual seats, which were really too close for comfort, but gave us a handrail to put up our feet.

Tenet was great, though a little over-loud. Some of the dialog was difficult to understand just due to the volume alone. Summer was on edge for most of it, but we enjoyed its usual Nolan-level of mind bendiness. Re-reading the plot later helped put some pieces together for me, of course.

After the movie, we went by Sam’s just to do a little shopping before we headed home. We stopped in Conway for some Rita’s Italian ice and had a nice little chat at one of the outdoor tables. When we got back home, we stopped at her house for a change of clothes, then came to my house for the evening.

What’s happened happened, which is an expression of faith in the mechanics of the world. It’s not an excuse to do nothing.

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