Mic Hunt

I stopped by the multipurpose facility first thing this morning to sign back in to a couple of phones. Then I headed on up to my office to play work all day. Evidently it was Prime day, but I’ve never had much luck getting any decent deals. They did have Summer’s Fitbit Versa 2 on sale for the same price I paid last year, but there are two newer models out now, and company reviews haven’t been looking so great. I want to replace the watch she smashed in the bike crash, but I also want to see if anything better will come out.

Lunch actually sounded good around lunch time, so I placed an order at Wendy’s for their Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger. Right about that time, Zach invited me to lunch, so I told him he was too late and went to pick up my food. I really only ordered it because I thought they were open for dine-in, but when I got there, the entire seating area was blocked off. I ended taking my food back to the shop to eat, and then visited with the folks there for a bit afterward.

The afternoon was quiet, so I fired off an email to the high school staff to try and collect unused microphones. I only had a few people respond, even though almost nobody uses those microphones. At the end of the day, it only matters if I can’t get enough to equip the classrooms with the impaired kid anyway.

Summer left work early and took the kids to karate, so I took the extra time to go back to the Neighborhood Market for some more peaches. Then I went to my parents’ house for some fish soup for dinner. I ended up leaving when my sinuses sealed off, and went home to try and be a tiny bit productive before bed. Time weirdly seemed to slow down instead of speed up, but I still couldn’t get much inertia going.

I’d say it’s that time of year, but it always is.

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