Exit Stage Lift

The Murano nearly didn’t start this morning in the cold, so I knew I’d have to take it in to have the battery checked again. I went on in to work and started the day by hunting down a lamp and the lift to repair the projector in the large band room. Then I piddled on a few different things until lunch. The girls wanted to ride their bikes to the park to do their school work, but ended up just getting lunch and taking it to Summer and then coming back home because it was so cool out.

I ran to Tropical Smoothie for lunch, then had to go to the post office to grab a letter that my mail lady made zero attempt to actually deliver. I stopped by the house to check on the girls, and got some pictures of my old life preservers for Daniel to see if they were “old and dirty” enough to fit in a play they’re doing. When I got back to work, I had a bit more running around to do in the afternoon before wrapping everything up for a long weekend.

Summer got off work right around the time I did, so she took the girls to karate so I could get the Murano to AutoZone. This college kid came out to test the battery, and basically just couldn’t help me because it was reading good at like 85% capacity. The alternator worked, predictably, because after the car runs for a few minutes, the battery has enough juice to crank again for a few hours.

Summer had me run by the shop to get her battery tester so we could test it in the morning after a cold night. Then I went home to clean up before getting the girls home from karate. I made a salad for dinner, then laid on the couch with Summer until bedtime.

“I’ll let the manager know.”
“Sure, buddy.”

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