A Heavy Shadow

We all got up this morning and headed to my parents’ house to meet up with Uncle Giao, Aunt Teresa, Erica, and Nova. They were already there and hanging around the driveway because they thought my parents might not be up yet. I told them Mom probably never went to bed because she had so much cooking to do, and we went on in.

I fired up the grill to get the pork chops cooking, then went to investigate the motorcycle that Uncle Giao brought me. I was a little confused by some paperwork for a 2007 model, but the VIN checked out to be a 2009 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero. I took it out for a ride to the bank for some cash that he ultimately wouldn’t accept, and then to PDQ for some air in the tires. By the time I got back, it was time to cook.

Bâc Ván and Doug eventually showed up, and we all ate an assortment of egg roll salads, pork chops, or phở. At some point the politics started rolling, but Julie hadn’t showed up yet to stoke the fire. When she did finally arrive, the conversations with emotions really took off. I definitely feel like the majority of people are misinformed, on both sides, and I’m starting to think the only way out is for this civilization to fall. I did just recently watch Batman Begins, though.

After a while, everyone headed out and we took the girls back to the house so Summer and I could rearrange the garage. We finally got my giant Kobalt cabinet moved to its rightful home after a quick trip to the shop to borrow the furniture dollies. Then the girls went home to do chores while I started the same.

First, I rode by Allen’s house only to find that nobody was home. Then I got the fire pit cleaned up and prepped for another fire before covering it all up. I took care of some laundry, took a quick shower, and spent some time removing the saddlebags, windshield, and stickers from the Shadow. There’s one enormous one that turns to dust every time I try to peel it off, so I think I’ll have to use a razer blade tomorrow. It could use some TLC, but she’s a smooth ride.

What are you, the mob?

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