Cold and Rainy, but Not Complainy

It took all night for my new battery to charge, but hopefully doing that first thing will help it to last longer. I think I’ll try charging it every three to four months just to top it off and see if that helps with the premature wear I’ve always seen.

I got in to work just as it started to sprinkle a tiny bit, and it was cold and lightly rainy all day long. The whole day went by super fast, which was more disorienting than anything else. I took a late lunch and was going to just go home and make a burrito, but McDonald’s had a free Big Mac with purchase. They ended up giving me a medium fry when I ordered a large, so I had to make a loop and come back through to get the right size. Then I went and ate at home before going back to work.

The afternoon went by just as quickly, but I got a few things done that had been sitting around a while. Then I went home for the evening and spent most of my time researching and testing video editors for Librado. I did get a cabinet cleaned out a bit, but now I don’t know what to do with the old pots and pans I removed. Surely I’ll need some of it to make a batch of thermite for a weekend experiment.

Damned WEMO.

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