MacNuggies With Bae

Ben emailed us early this morning to say that Melinda tested positive for COVID. We were all pretty sure she had it the other day when I was at the shop, but evidently she refused to go home. Surprisingly, I don’t think anyone else chose to quarantine. Even Zach, who I think jokingly hugged on her that day, was at work today. Josh apparently took COVID days, but refused to test because if it comes back positive, his breadwinner wife would have to quarantine as well. The level of selfishness kind of astounds me.

I stuck to my office for most of the day, but was mostly aimless. I left for a late lunch and got a big bag of McNuggets to share with Summer, and we ate on the bench outside her shop. Then I went to our office for some parts and to talk to Ben for a bit before going back to the high school.

I wrapped up the day at the Center, getting their new box office ticket printer working. There wasn’t a lot of useful troubleshooting I could do, but through enough tinkering, I finally got it to work.

I stopped to see Summer again on the way home, then spent a quiet evening alone at the house. I got some more laundry done while Inception played, then went to bed.

You’re waiting for a train.

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