I made little ham sandwiches for brunch this morning before Summer took Autumn to her Explorers group for their camp trip. Eaddie decided to stay with her friend for another night, so after the gym, Summer came back to help me rearrange the garage.

We finally got the workbench moved to the other wall under the cabinets, which required us to move a whole lot of stuff out into the driveway first. I didn’t get to explore quite as much as I wanted, so there’s still a ton of stuff to get rid of, but I still felt really accomplished. The motorcycles are going to be problematic once we’re ready to garage two cars, but I’ll have some time before I need to tackle that.

It really was like going through a time capsule though. It was a real bummer that John got motor oil all over my NEW flag. I never really put much thought into the publishing of stock prices back before the internet. We also got rid of a huge red carpet, but I don’t have a clue how I inherited it. I don’t think it was the first carpet in my house, but it could have been.

We took a break and got some Zaxby’s for dinner before moving everything back inside. With the motorcycles lined up on the right wall, I had a slightly different path into the house. It’ll be much better once I have some more time to reorganize the things I have in there. After the move, everything was stored pretty inefficiently.

Once we finished up, Summer went home to clean house a bit. I had an amazing shower to get the grime of a good day of work off of me. Then I headed up to her house for the evening before her work Friendsgiving event tomorrow.

We literally rolled out the red carpet to make room for the motorcycles.

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