Tall Stairs

We had a few short showers today, but it was dry enough to take the bike to work. I started out in the band area and had to carry a huge ladder down the hall so I could reset the power on an Airtame that refused to connect to the network.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet all to myself. Summer had a lunch break scheduled, so she picked me up and we went to Bocadillos. An old student of hers was our server, and he seemed super excitable, but a little forgetful. Otherwise it was pretty great, but I ate too much.

There wasn’t much more going on in the afternoon, so I had a bit of trouble focusing on anything. I had half of an energy drink just to keep myself going for the rest of the day. A third guy from Belkin called to troubleshoot my WeMo, but unlike the first two, this guy only works business hours, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow on my lunch break.

After work, I went home to change and start washing dishes before picking up the girls and bringing them down. Summer beat us home for the evening, and after she had a shower and picked at some leftover ham, we watched an episode of Cobra Kai and then went to bed.

I’m a phlegmingo.

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