The Sickening… IT’S HAPPENING!

Days are running together a bit. I haven’t really done anything but lay around in bed since Tuesday night. I’ve watched some TV when I’m able to get comfortable on the couch. The Algorithm decided it’s sappy romance week.

I went to the Triage Center on Thursday to get tested. I called it right by going when I did, because there was nobody in line ahead of me. I expected a nasal swab, but they got my tonsils instead. Nobody said anything about my Wuhan Wild Wings shirt, but now that I think about it, I bet that’s why those two Indian guys that came in after me kept staring. I’m also pretty sure the girl that swabbed me was Chinese.

Afterward, I waited in Summer’s parking lot for near hours to see if I could talk to her for a moment through my sunroof. She was backed up the whole time, and stuck in the pit, so that didn’t work out great. I ended up just grabbing some contactless Zaxby’s on the way home.

I wasn’t really sleepy, but I hurt too much to do anything else, so I curled up under the blankets and put on some music. It did the trick, because I woke up hours later with the sun. I got up feeling the best I had since Tuesday, and went outside to clean up the turn signal switch on the Shadow. Then it was back inside to bed and TV.

I’ve become a true Master Chef, with creations such as Ramen à la Céleri et Cheddar Brätwurst. Summer saved my life for a late lunch/dinner with a double pretzel burger from Wendy’s, but it was sadly pretty cold.

As if this all wasn’t enough, Google has forced me to switch from Hangouts for SMS to their Messages app, and it’s just godawful. If you could believe it, it actually loads more consistently badly than Hangouts ever did. It’s been chewing through my phone battery a couple times a day, and I honestly don’t even know if it’ll ever stop.

I got a call in the evening with positive COVID-19 results, so I’m in quarantine for at least seven more days, assuming three of those are without fever. We didn’t think to have Summer and the girls tested at the same time so that we could at least quarantine together. It’ll be until at least next Tuesday evening before we’ll know if that’s possible. In the meantime, with the clinic closed, all we can really hope is that none of them have it.


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