Oh, Danny Blanket

We got up this morning and finished up some old leftover breakfast pizza, then Summer left for the gym and to start baking a mountain of cookies for the family to decorate later in the evening. I laid back for most of the morning, then took a shower before heading out.

I stopped by Harbor Freight first, just to pick up a couple quick things with a 30% off coupon. The kids were all huddled around the living room TV watching YouTube compilation garbage when I got there, and Summer was trying to finish up the icing for the cookies.

Noah was in a hurry to get out of there, and then the girls wanted to open one present each. Autumn was happy with a wax warmer she picked out, and Eaddie got a blanket that I’m pretty sure sends you straight to Hell. We sat for a little while in the living room just listening to the “winter” playlist I found, and watching the photo slideshow on the TV, featuring up-to-the-minute photos even from decorating cookies tonight.

Eventually Summer went to bed and settled in. I watched a couple episodes of Jessica Jones with Eaddie, mostly just trying to wrap up the final season after all this time.

Why is that kid so weird?

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