La-La-La-La La Boda

Summer ran a bunch of errands this morning while I tried not sleeping in. It didn’t work in my favor, but at least I was up and ready in time to leave for Dalia and Mario’s wedding. They had a pretty big gathering at the Catholic church, and of course Summer wanted to sit right up front so she could see everyone. Early on, I thought it might take twice as long because it seemed like they were going to do everything in Spanish and English. Luckily(?), they did almost all of it only in Spanish, so we were left taking cues from everyone else for all the standing and sitting, but in the normal amount of time that a ceremony would last.

After the wedding, we went straight to my parents’ house for some leftovers since neither of us had eaten. Then we came back to the house to change and rest a little before going back out for the reception.

The reception was a big, loud event with way more action than I was prepared to witness. We ended up sat at a long table to ourselves, and they brought us some drinks and a couple plates of food. They had their first dance, then took turns dancing with people that would pin money to the couples’ clothes. After that, for a while it seemed like couples were just taking turns dancing together on an otherwise empty dance floor.

The highlight for me was when a crowd of girls took off running in a line, holding hands, all around the tables, between the bride and groom, and just all over the room. Then a hoard of guys got together, with probably twice as many guys as girls, and did the same thing, only seriously mobbing Mario and trying to knock him off of the chair he was standing on. Fortunately there was a small group of people doing their best to keep him upright, and though I’m not sure he stayed on the chair through it all, he at least never touched the ground.

We left shortly after that, since the rest of the party would carry on into the wee hours of the night. We chatted for a bit, enjoying the quiet, then slipped off to sleep.

Wait, so only the priest gets the wine?!?

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