The Highs and Lowe’s of Deal Hunting

We got up this morning and treated ourselves to breakfast at Denny’s before Summer left for the gym and errands. I had trouble getting out of bed in the first place, and after breakfast and two cups of coffee it wasn’t any better. Eventually I did get up and do a little bit of cleaning and rearranging in the house. Chairs once again fit around the dining room table, that has apparently existed underneath everything else all this time.

I got showered and finished getting ready just as Summer got back, and we went to Lowe’s to pick up an online order I placed, and to hunt for a clearanced extension cable somewhere in the store. Everything and everyone indicated they had 12 in stock somewhere, but after occupying several minutes of the kindest employee’s time, and subsequently wandering nearly every aisle one by one, we still could not find any of them.

Having worked up an appetite, we went to Colton’s for a fried onion and steaks. We happened to be seated by Greg and his whole family, but I didn’t notice for a while. He indicated that work tomorrow would be a complete toss-up. I’m really not looking forward to it after how exhausted I’ve been, but maybe it’s exactly what I need.

She’s just my special lady friend that lives in my house.

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