Super Tecknikken

Today was the last day of quarantine for those that weren’t sick. Mike was out for a personal day, so it was up to me to watch over all of secondary, and I crushed it aside from really needing to study for my A+ exam. Time is running out super fast, so I’ve got to get this test scheduled. It’s been so long since I’ve had to do something like this completely from memory. I don’t even really understand testing to this degree, because in the real world you always have resources.

Josh and Melinda wanted Morelos for lunch, so I met them there for a quick bite. Then it was back to the high school to finish out the school day. Once Autumn got out, we went to the junior high to get Eaddie, and I finished up my day. I took the girls home until Autumn’s Explorers meeting, grabbed a quick, cheap, poorly made chicken sandwich from McDonald’s, and spent the night in.

I saw two snowflakes today!

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