Apples and Oranges

We almost made it out of town in one trip this morning, but Eaddie forgot her Invisalign at home. Luckily we were only at the gas station, so we had enough time to turn around and get them before Julie and my parents rolled up. Autumn rode with them, and we made it to Little Rock with just about a perfect amount of time to wait at the gate. Summer had to stop when they wanted to inspect her bag of apples and oranges, but that didn’t take long to clear up.

The kids had never flown before, and were super excited for the experience. I think Summer had the most anxiety, but she survived. The biggest disappointment was that they didn’t do a drink run, and instead of peanuts, all we got was a sanitizing wipe. We went to Charlotte first, then had a couple hours to kill there. We got lunch in the food court, then waited to board our next, even bigger plane.

After a bit more waiting and a fair amount of awkward standing around and confusion, we caught a bus to the resort and found our rooms. We were all pretty hungry, so we went down to the restaurant, such as it was, and got an assortment of food. Then we made the kids go wander the property to find a heated pool. I don’t think they ever actually found it, but at least they got to see some more of the resort.

I tried having a heart-to-heart with Julie to help us get along on the trip, but evidently she was already beaten down enough in a way that actually got to her. I just wish she’d stop trying to compare everything. I know Mom’s to blame for some of it, but I don’t know why it all has to be so toxic so much of the time.

It’s supposed to be the happiest place on earth, right?

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