The Kingdom of Magic

I wanted to get everyone out the door at eight this morning so we could make it to the park right at open. Somehow we actually managed to get pretty close, even with a human version of the old Snake game leading to the shuttle buses. It was pretty awesome seeing the kids’ reactions as they were transported back to the 1920s, and every time we expressed how large the park was, they would just gawk. We got just a few classic pictures, but I was disappointed to see the Disney street photographers were not in operation. It really made me wonder why we bothered to buy the photo pass.

There were gobs of people there in spite of the pandemic. I hated wearing the mask, and there’s no way I could have done that in the heat of the summer. We snacked throughout the morning, then had a late lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table. The princess came out a couple times during our visit, but stayed at the back of the room to wave at everyone. The food was excellent, and didn’t disappoint me too badly with portion sizes. I’m not sure it would have been worth whatever the regular, non-COVID price was though.

We covered Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and somehow even convinced Mom to ride most of the rollercoasters. I think she was actually surprised that she wasn’t as scared as she’s always been in the past. At least we got the ride pictures with our photo package, to prove she went on the rides. I can’t wait until the Tron roller coaster is finished, because I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.

The nighttime atmosphere was really nice, and the temperature was incredible, but I think we missed a lot in the dark on the west side of the park. We were all pretty beat after the first day, but tomorrow will be shorter. The only real fight I had with Julie was over a fight she had with a couple complete strangers that she thought were just being rude kids. Hopefully we can avoid any more of that, but overall we did pretty well today. The kids did great, and had an awesome time. They still can’t believe this was only part of one of four parks they’re going to this week.

Practice what you preach.

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