Whatever’s Left of The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow Center

It took quite a bit more prodding to get everyone out of the resort hotel this morning, which was a pretty good indicator for the rest of the day. I knew the hours were pretty severely cut, but I still had high hopes for my favorite park. We actually had the closest resort to the Skyliner that would be taking us to EPCOT, but had to walk to the farthest resort just to get in line. The ride was pretty neat, but seemed somehow less elegant than a lot of the other rides because there was no moving loading platform, and the gondolas shook a bit as you stepped on, making boarding that much trickier.

When we finally got to EPCOT, we unloaded at the back of the park right next to where we had dinner reservations. I knew that didn’t work out in my favor since I mostly wanted to see the front of the park, and we would have to retrace our steps after dinner for whatever time was left before the park closed. The kids didn’t get that grand welcoming experience that we’ve always had in the past, and it all sort of felt like walking into the dingy back door of a restaurant. Everyone was slow to get moving, because obviously everything they saw was new and exciting. People started immediately splitting up and disappearing, so I eventually just wandered in the direction I wanted to go to try and prevent getting trapped in a gift shop loop.

We got to the Test Track line just in time to be called to the opposite side with the slower rides and aquarium. Eaddie lost her phone momentarily on The Seas, but luckily they caught it before it wandered off. Shortly after that, Julie stressed that we had to get moving IMMEDIATELY if we were going to make it back to the opposite side of the park in time for dinner. It felt like we had only just gotten there, and she just took off walking without the rest of my family behind. Summer and Autumn got the message to catch up, but evidently they weren’t anywhere near Noah and Eaddie. I had to run back to find them, then catch up to Spaceship Earth again.

At the end of the day, we basically skipped all of the World Showcase rides just to get to dinner. Luckily Julie was able to move our reservation to just before the park closed, so we just ate through the park closing time. The food was good, but tasted a whole lot like my cheap slow cooker pot roast. Maybe I should be a chef.

I’ve been on rides so much that I feel like I’ve got sea legs.

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